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Replacing, Upgrading Old Apartment Intercom Systems

Many old apartment buildings and condominium buildings have old out dated intercom systems installed in them. New apartment intercom system packages make it very easy to replace or upgrade these old apartment intercom systems.

Apartment Room Intercom Stations

In most cases, all old cabling can be reused with a new intercom system and size options are available so patching walls is typically not required. There are all so adapter plates available if covering old holes becomes difficult. To keep costs down most apartment intercom system replacements include PVC stations. There are other options for these intercom room stations such as stainless steel, and brass.

Apartment Lobby Entry Panels

One of the most important things to check when replacing an old apartment intercom system is the size of the out door apartment lobby button panel. You will often find that a new replacement intercom system is sized to cover this old whole at the main door. However, custom made sizes are available if this size of the existing lobby panel is not standard. To keep costs down most replacements include an apartment lobby panel made of brushed aluminum with plastic buttons for each unit. However, there are many options for these lobby panels such as, brass, stainless steel, and other types of finishes. Options are also available with steel or brass buttons instead of plastic.

Model – F 3, 4, & 5 Wire Unit Stations

Apartment Intercom System Replacements, Upgrades, & NEW


Our apartment entry systems include 3, 4 and 5-wire speaker station versions, a 5-wire handset-type system, and vandal-resistant systems. These systems are used for both Replacements and NEW installations.

Custom vandal-resistant apartment entrance panels are constructed of extruded aluminum with a brushed anodized finish, and a weather-resistant Mylar® speaker protected by a louvered grill and perforated aluminum mesh.

Panels may be configured to accommodate 3-, 4- or 5-wire speaker-type apartment stations, or handset-type apartment stations. Choose an alphabetical directory panel protected by a clear Lexan® lens, or individual name holders beside each button.

Other entrance panel options include surface or flush mount, postal release, and engraved buttons.

Then choose a custom-sized 4-wire stainless steel apartment station, or a handset-type apartment station. We also offers several 4-wire speaker-type retrofit stations, constructed of white vinyl-coated steel. Or select one of our 3-, 4- or 5-wire speaker-type ABS plastic apartment stations in flush or surface mount.

Model – S 3, 4, & 5 Wire Unit Stations

Multi-Tenant Apartment Intercoms

We offer three, four and five-wire speaker station apartment intercom with five-wire handset and vandal resistant systems. Whether you desire to install a new system or replace or upgrade an old system, our apartment intercom systems are manufactured for either purpose. Choose from a variety of options depending on the number of entries of your facility and the desired features. We offer numerous options to cover all of your apartment security needs.  Our apartment intercom entrance panels are customized to be vandal and weather-resistant. Features include an alphabetical directory panel or individual name holders next to each button. Both options are covered by a clear Lexan lens for protection. Also consider choices of surface or flush mount, postal release or engraved buttons for your entrance panel.

VANDAL SERIES With postal release

AV Door Entry Intercom

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Intercoms For Home or Business

Communicate from room to room and enjoy music in each room with one convenient intercom system. We have a complete selection of home and business wired and wireless intercom systems . Add security by not only hearing who is at your door but seeing them as well, using video intercom systems. If you are looking for personalized assistance to upgrade your current home or business intercom or to install a new system, then look no further than Guardian Systems. If your not sure what you need - Let our experts assist you.

We specialize in design and installation of Color LCD display with multi zone capability for new residential single family construction or multi tenant buildings. Also commercial installation for office buildings. Door Entry, Room to Room Intercom, LCD display for front door and Multi zone system from Major brands available in varies designs and options to meet your needs.
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